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When Wera Jane put her hand up via Instagram and said "I'm a Maker busting my buns, pick me!" we got pretty excited, because her handmade lamps are stunning. 


Product Information:

Width: 28 cm 
Height: 30 cm

Colour - Multi

Metal powder-coated or plated frame with recycled threads supplied from an Italian knitwear company.

Please note this product ships from Germany and International shipping fees will apply at this time. Items will take 7-10 days to arrive.

About the Maker:

WeraJane Design is based in Germany where she recycles off-cut yarns from an Italian knitwear company to create unique vintage inspired lampshades. Each shade can take up to twenty hours to create and each is made by hand. In the fashion industry today, things change very fast; each season brings new colour palettes and old threads are stored or thrown away. It's a nice gesture to recycle things to create new products.


Read her Meet The Maker interview here.

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