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Monday lunches at the office are not only the best because the whole team gets together, but also because Maker's Mgmt marketing lady Susan introduces us to all her talented pals. When we saw Daniel's portfolio we knew he was a keeper, so now we stock his works on the Mrkt. Talk about productivity!


Product Information:

Size 1: 900x700mm

Size 2: 700x540mm

Size 3: 560x430mm


Archivally printed on 310gsm 100% matte cotton rag.

This item is available unframed, and can also be framed for Australian customers.

Please note this product is printed to order so allow time for delivery. This item is shipped from Melbourne


From the 'Control' series.

Control is an ongoing body of works observing the infrastructure used to extract, conserve, and ultimately control water. Daniel is preoccupied with vast landscapes manipulated to facilitate mass consumption — so we have water at the turn of a tap.

The work was shot on a 4x5 large-format camera in Europe and Australia. The locations have been chosen for waterways that have been diverted on an awe inspiring scale, to majestic yet unsettling effect. The colour photographs are rendered with striking clarity of detail.


About the Maker:

Artist and filmmaker Daniel Bushaway's impetus for his work is his fascination with contemporary manufacturing and industry, which is inherently politically charged with ideas of conservation and sustainability. Aiming to construct a narrative rich and dense in detail, the implicit topography and architecture of these spaces mirrors the complexity of our own daily interactions with industry. Daniel challenges the viewer to meditate on human endeavour and our relationship with nature, more specifically, the disconnect between the commodities we use daily.

Daniel's work is an exploration and investigation of the human impact on the natural world. His objective is to observe, document and ultimately understand why we cultivate our environments in the way that we do - exploring and documenting a variety of infrastructures, systems, processes and people that help to support the spectrum of industry.

He has been shortlisted for multiple photographic awards and has his work held in private and public institutions.

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