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Lulu Waste Bin - Emerald Green

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We are obsessed with these 3D printed bins, who knew that bins could look so good! Better still, they're made from 98% recycled plastic waste! 


A Waste Bin made from waste

Weight: 917g
Material: 98% Recycled PET
Dimensions: L: 263mm W: 292mm H: 340 mm
Diameter of opening: 200mm



Special Studio's goal is simple, reuse waste plastic to make cool new things and save the planet.

The brand was founded in the hope of proving that recycled goods can be both attractive and good for the environment. 

Special Studio products are 3D printed in New Zealand using at least 95 percent recycled waste. The remaining 5 or so percent includes additives such as colour masterbatches used to improve the aesthetics of the material.

Through the use of additive manufacturing or 3D Printing as it is more commonly known, Special Studio is able to achieve near zero waste during the manufacturing process. This unique production process allows Special Studio to avoid large production minimums and by only printing what is ordered, save on overproduction. 

At Special they believe plastic looks best in your home, not on the beach. 

Makers' Mrkt as seen IN