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Floatation Device 3

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From her Flotation Device collection, a series of ornamental ceramics with incredible textures!


34 x 21 x 13 cm
Stoneware ceramic with matte white lava glaze



Tegan Emerson is a Sydney-born artist currently based in Berlin, Germany. 
Tegan is a ceramic artist, primarily working with hand-building, using a coiling
technique and bringing to life the surface of the clay with textures and glazes.
The highly textured surfaces of Tegan’s work are inspired by organic coral architecture and deep-sea life, as well as the dualism of build-up and erosion. The ceramics as a result are luxuriously tactile to touch, engaging the senses of the user and becoming a grounding ritual object. Esoteric and occult themes are also an inspiration for her work. Embracing the unknown and weird, and using world-building to learn about oneself. 

Alongside making ceramics Tegan is also interested in the vibrant ceramic community around her. In 2021, she was a co-founder and co-curator of the exhibition Vessels: New Berlin Crafts and in 2022 she curated a selection of ceramics for the third edition of Berlin exhibition Hot Mess.

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