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Arc Vase - Toi Toi

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We love the colours of Deborah Sweeney's ceramics, they have a lovely earthiness and make great companions for object collections.


Each piece is unique, but roughly...

18cm wide
10cm tall


Stamped DS on the bottom

About the Maker:

We first became aware of Deborah Sweeney many years ago when she was a fashion designer in New Zealand having previously worked as a designer for Jill Stuart in NYC and designing for brands such as Topshop and H&M. After a successful and recognised career as a fashion designer, 15 years and two children later,  Deborah took a short sabbatical to spend some time with her youngest before he started school. It was during this time that she discovered ceramics and decided to change pace and direction and establish herself as a ceramicist. Deborah places importance on quality materials and workmanship, buying less and buying well and using natural New Zealand clay.  

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