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Welcome to Makers' Mrkt!

Makers' Mrkt is an online store offering pieces for your interior, wardrobe and lifestyle. We believe that soulful design and artistry has a profound impact on us and that one well-chosen piece can transform your life. Through considerate spending today we can dramatically change the future of our environment and influence what sectors of society grow strong and successful. In our future, we want a prolific and prosperous creative community and so, through Makers' Mrkt we aim to support this.

Makers' Mrkt is founded by a creative and forged by a passion for supporting freelancers, craftspeople and small businesses. Makers' Mrkt is passionate about fostering and maintaining traditional craft practices alongside new design technologies, and supporting our makers as they grow their businesses. Mrkt stands strongly against replica furniture, design copies and fast homewares and only accepts the works of genuine designers with diligent manufacturing standards. Mrkt places value on high-quality, sustainably produced products, often handmade, handprinted or hand-spun. Our shop edit comprises items that are never mass-produced, are made with care and much heart, often as one-off items or in limited editions.

By purchasing a Makers' Mrkt item, you are supporting small creative businesses from around the world. Your purchase will make a Maker smile (they have great smiles), and counts as a vote towards the future we want and need. Shop thoughtfully, fill your life with products with heart, surely the flow on will be positive!

Meet the Founder

Kelly Thompson at home in her Melbourne home Makers' Mrkt Makers Market Melbourne

Kelly Thompson

She's the founder, curator and brains behind Makers' Mrkt and also a maker herself.

Kelly Thompson has an honours degree in design and has worked as a photographer, commercial illustrator and multidisciplinary designer. Kelly is a respected creative speaking at popular events such as Semi Permanent & The Design Conference appearing on numerous podcasts and being profiled by leading design media. Her joy for design and creative community is apparent to all who know her, as is her love for vintage and collecting, her work reflects her life and vice versa.

Makers' Mrkt was inspired by Thompson's immense admiration for the creatives she knows and a desire to do something for her community. The appreciation of her access to such talents paired with the realisation that creatives enjoy focusing on projects more than marketing their work (and updating their websites!) sparked inspiration. The question was always "How does someone outside of our community find us if they too wish to shop small from creatives?" Searching online can be challenging if you don't know what and who to search for, and so the aim became to build that platform to make it easy to find a curated edit of talents.

Kelly's time is now spent sourcing new designers, nurturing relationships, shooting imagery and directing Makers' Mrkt, she hopes that you too will find as much joy in the talents of MM makers as she does.



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