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Asto Ruler - Yellow

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With all the time we spend at our desks, we may as well make it fun!

Product Information:

Asto is a 20 cm ruler
Each small square section represents 1 cm while the rectangular sections represent 5 cm.

PLA ( industrially recyclable bio-plastic )
Weight : 10g
Dimensions (mm) : H 3 mm x L 200 mm, P x 32 mm

Made in France

About the Maker:

Valentin Lebigot is a multidisciplinary freelance designer based in Paris, France, his practice is focused on the creation of objects alongside graphic design.

Curious to use different mediums, Valentin believes that a good design project is not only about the final product, but also the intellectual development throughout the creative process. 

For Valentin, it is necessary today that sustainable manufacturing is at the center of his approach as a designer. 3D printing is a way to make design affordable, ethical and responsible. 

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