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Wine Cooler Vessel No.3

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If you're drinking, keep it classy with one of Tegan Emerson's stunning new cooler vessels. A further exploration of her line of ceramic wine coolers, this ceramic stoneware vessel is made from a coiling and pinching method, with a matte white glaze finish. The wine cooler series began with a commission from Restaurant Remi in Berlin and are inspired by traditional ancient greek krater vessels, in which wine was diluted with water. These vessels symbolise a transformation happening throughout the ritual of drinking wine, and are a complimentary vessel to hold a bottle of wine which is a capsule of time and location in itself.

The vessel is waterproof and can also be used for other functions such as holding flowers.


Stoneware ceramic with schamotte and matte white glaze

17.5cm tall x 21cm diameter


Tegan Emerson is a Sydney-born artist currently based in Berlin, Germany. 
Tegan is a ceramic artist, primarily working with hand-building, using a coiling
technique and bringing to life the surface of the clay with textures and glazes.
The highly textured surfaces of Tegan’s work are inspired by organic coral architecture and deep-sea life, as well as the dualism of build-up and erosion. The ceramics as a result are luxuriously tactile to touch, engaging the senses of the user and becoming a grounding ritual object. Esoteric and occult themes are also an inspiration for her work. Embracing the unknown and weird, and using world-building as a tool for learning about oneself. 

Alongside making ceramics Tegan is also interested in the vibrant ceramic community around her. In 2021, she was a co-founder and co-curator of the exhibition Vessels: New Berlin Crafts and in 2022 she curated a selection of ceramics for the third edition of Berlin exhibition Hot Mess.

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