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Korean Red Cedar Incense

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We like nice smelling things, but we want to know that what we breathe isn't toxic and filled with nasty chemicals. When we first caught our first smell of Subtle Bodies incense we realised we had found "the one". Yup romance.

Product Information:

A woody, resinous scent which is redolent and calming. Red Cedar is perfect for grounding space whilst promoting relaxation and an air of comfort. 

Our Red Cedar incense comes from an old stockpile of dried wood, held by the monastery that produces it. The rare trees, endemic to a small number of coastal islands in South Korea are now strictly protected and no longer available for harvest. We are pleased to present this truly old world incense as a very limited offering.  

All Subtle Bodies Incense Sticks are pure wood products with no added perfume or fragrance. Each burns with a heavy, yet delicately scented smoke trail. 

20 sticks, burn time 35 mins

About the Maker:

Subtle Bodies is a range of products grounded in purity, quality and tradition.
We draw on the knowledge, dedication and expertise of specialists around the world to supply you with the finest fragrant wood incense available.

Based in Melbourne and reaching to locations around the world, we explore the woods and processes used in traditional, high-grade incense. We share nature's raw materials and offer an exceptional, natural product - free of perfumes, oils and additives. 

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