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Small Ripple Cup - Pink

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The Sophie Lou Jacobsen Ripple cups are the cutest little cups we ever did see! At $40 they make excellent gifts and will no doubt become that feel-good cup you make a beeline for in your cupboard.  They're little, think small refreshment or more importantly the perfect size for a cool stiff drink. 

All Sophie Lou Jacobsen glassware is made in small batches by hand in a facility where workers are safe and fairly compensated.


Made from Borosilicate glass in a wavy design

Heat and cold resistant and also dishwasher safe.

9cm tall x 6.3cm diameter 114 mls

It is recommended that when using ice you have liquid in the glass prior to dropping in the ice. You know that horrible crashing sound, don't stress yourself out.



Sophie Lou Jacobsen is currently based in New York City and is of French-American descent. She, (like us at MM) believes that objects have an innate power to enhance their user's mood through form and function and is doing an excellent job at creating products that do just that!

She primarily creates objects for everyday use, mostly using glass as a medium. Her glassware has influenced many designers worldwide with her rippled shapes and use of colour. 

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