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Stoneware Mug

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Kristin Old's pieces are exactly what you would expect to find at a traditional makers market! Beautifully earthy, textured and 100% wholesome ceramics. 


Reclaimed stoneware clay, wood ash glaze

10cm diameter 7cm tall
roughly 350ml 


Working from her home studio in North Warrandyte, Kristin uses both wheel throwing and hand-building techniques to create minimal ceramic pieces that speak to an elegant simplicity. Balancing artistic expression with functionality, the handcrafted pieces are custom-made either individually or in small batches. Kristin’s aesthetic is influenced by her love of, and relationship with, nature. Her works contrast organic textures and a muted colour palette, paying respect to the raw materials used.

Kristin began dabbling in ceramics in 2015, and in 2018, entered Melbourne Ceramics School, SOCA (The School of Clay and Art), learning under renowned Australian ceramicists Shane Kent, Neville French and Kate Jones.

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