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We really enjoy the handpainted finishes on Preston-based Belinda Wiltshire's works. Her ceramics are bold and have a beautiful organic appearance, imperfect and obviously made with much care and consideration. These pieces also look great arranged in groups with their varying heights and patterns.



H 37cm x W 13cm


Wide Stripe / Medium Chaos Stripe



Based in Melbourne’s inner North, Belinda Wiltshire has been practising as a visual artist and painter for the past two decades. Expanding her focus to include ceramics in 2018, Wiltshire has developed unique decorative processes to bring her visual art background and love of functional ceramic ware together.

Initially inspired by the use of layering basic forms and repeated patterning of Bauhaus Ballet Designer Oskar Schlemmer, this most recent body of work has progressed into a series of one-off large sculptural vases and stand-alone serve ware.

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