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Lotus Vase #50

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There is something about the organic almost clumsy nature of the Elso Collective vases. They have a beautiful warmth about them, imperfect and not in any way uptight, almost as if they just grew out of the earth like this. 


Unique item, only one. 

Ceramic dark blue gloss glaze

13cm tall x 11cm diameter



Elena Strohfeldt is an Australian artist based in Melbourne. She is self-taught and started working with ceramics in 2020, as a way to work through her anxiety during the lockdown.

The outside world guides her art. What triggers her creativity could be as small as a flower or as big as a building. She never begins with a vision in mind, she lets her emotions and hands guide her through the process. That is when the magic happens. The clay is her way of telling a story.

Her dream is to wake up every day and do what she loves: ceramics. 

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