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December 03, 2020 3 min read

blazed wax candles dinner party candles

One of our favourite parts of the the festive season is the opportunity to share a moment with the people we love. So often these moments revolve around our second most favourite festive factor - the food!   

This year, sharing a meal with our special people feels more meaningful then ever. And as such, we are taking some serious joy in the researching, planning and mood-boarding of our next get together.

Some of our much loved Makers share their own vision for a shared table (or blanket!)


Karina from Seljak on the Perfect Picnic set up - 

"I think my sister would be a really good person to answer this. She get’s weekly food boxes as part of a collective she is part of in Brisbane. She is so fantastic at taking what she gets and creating really delicious, home made bits and pieces. So awesome, home made hummus and honeycomb to pair with local cheeses. Fresh crusty bread for sure. You need a vehicle for all your other things.

 For me personally, it's about bringing a really good non alcoholic option as well. I’ll always bring along Kombucha alongside a nice crispy white. I always have a really good folding knife. I love all the implements that come with outdoor picnicking!" 

Seljak blanket picnic rug Christmas gift

The Seljak Dune Blanket, made from 75% recycled lambswool, available here 


Ray From Black Blaze on celebrating a meal at Home -    

"I will call a meal with family, friends, or love ones a perfect meal even if the meal sometimes would be a simple meal in our daily life. During the special pandemic time, people spend more time preparing meals at home. We hope that when people ceremonially lit the pillar candles at home, the candles can brighten these particular moments and bring some warmth, colour, and a sense of ritual. And we hope everyone can have the time and mood to celebrate every tiny extraordinary moments in every ordinary day." 

 Black Blaze Pillar Candles,available here


Emma and Ruby from Blazed Wax describe their dinner party game plan - 

"We are actually housemates, so we cook most of our meals together! But our favourite dinner party meals include lots of sharing foods. Usually we start with home made focaccia with olives, followed by some fresh artichokes with oil, lemon and salt and then a big mussel pasta for sharing. We love to finish with espresso martinis and a dance party in the living room."

 Shop Blazed Wax Table for Two Candles Here  


Illustrator and Founder, Buyer and Curator of Maker's Mrkt, Kelly Thompson describes her ideal dining situation -

"I love to dine outside whenever I can so as soon as it's sunny I'm booking outside tables or eagerly encouraging dining on the balcony with friends. My favourite is a long leisurely lunch with no time limit that rolls on for hours and then becomes dinner time without noticing. When it comes to food I can't go past some cool oysters with a squeeze of lemon followed by a banquet of shared plates filled with fresh local produce and matched with flavoursome wines. I'm also a huge fan of the impromptu dinner date when the sun comes out and it's just a "should we go out tonight?" "Yep" and you're off." 

Kelly Thompson christmas print present idea

Kelly Thompson Untitled #15 available Here


Beck Wadworth from An Organised Lifeon her ultimate soiree set up -  

"Champagne & cheese platters followed by fresh summer salads, warm bread & room for dessert!" 


 An Organised Life plain paper notebook (Our go-to for recipe list making) available Here.

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