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February 18, 2019 2 min read

Shopping small makes not only the customer happy, but slowly contributes to change in local community and in our case creative community. We chat to Maker's Mrkt customer Danielle about her recent purchases and what motivates her to spend her money on products supporting independent makers.


Danielle, why do you choose to shop small? 

I'm energised by creativity, creative people, and passion expressed through objects. I appreciate the talent of makers and the love and energy poured into creating something. I love the uniqueness of items which are handmade or considered, not just mass produced. I like feeling a connection to an object and understanding its story. None of which you get with something you could pick up at Target.  

How did you find Maker’s Mrkt?
I saw a story with Kelly (our founder) on The Design Files, I loved her aesthetic and it drove me to discover more.

Tell us about your purchases, what did you buy and why did you fall in love with the items?
I've mostly bought gifts for others, silk pillowcases, ceramic vases, incense holders and incense and some prints. I wanted to buy things I thought were special, and unique, and share them with people I loved. My gift I've given away was a print by Kelly "Stella" which I nearly kept, but also knew how much it would be cherished so handed her over. I loved them because someone had taken the time to share something with the world. 

Ceramic vase with brown pattern, print with woman showing peace sign, gold brass burner for incense, pink silk pillowcase

Do you feel like you have a stronger connection with the items you buy from small makers?
Absolutely, as above. It's why I prefer farmers markets to supermarkets. Understanding the effort involved and the skill provides a much greater appreciation of whatever the purchase is. In doing so helps to really curate items which are important and not just stuff for the sake of stuff. 

And lastly – is there anything on Maker’s Mrkt that you currently have your eye on and why?
Stella print, cause I still think she's awesome, and I love the colour palette and I'm trying to buy a home sometime soon and I think she'd be sweet on a wall.
Manon Lulu Necklace Pearl - I love its simplicity and timelessness + I'm off to Europe this year, and I see myself in a white linen dress in Tuscany wearing it.
Anything by the Knitter, cause it's all just divine.

Jasmin Sparrow Necklace gold with pearl, print with woman gold background, blue chunky knitted cardigan on woman

Tell us – what inspires you to shop small! We'd love to open up the conversation here on our blog and over on Instagram.

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