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May 30, 2021 3 min read

group shot of the earth
Makers’ Mrkt Online Exhibition: Of The Earth 

At Makers' Mrkt we celebrate the earth 365 days of the year. To launch our very first quarterly themed exhibition series, we invited our talented ceramic artists to create bespoke, one of a kind pieces, inspired by Mother Earth, her materials and her many shapes and forms. 

The incredible makers have rocked our very own worlds with an array of breathtaking responses to the brief. As we unboxed these pieces one by one, a collection came together that took our breath away. Diverse, decadent, giving and supportive to other life forms, just like our muse - our planet earth.

Our favourite part? It is also an opportunity for our community to give back to the planet, with 10% of all exhibition profits going to a charity we admire One Tree Planted 

Please let us Introduce you to 'Of The Earth.' 

of the earth mood

Offering by Clae Studio

We often take for granted what Earth provides for us - life, nourishment, fulfilment, energy and love. This piece, made of Earth itself, is a reminder to treat precious resources with respect and to give back to the environment that supports us. -Britt Neech of Clae Studio

offering by clay

Offering by Clae Studio 

Effervesce By Glost Studios 

Ciane Brewster is a ceramicist and Visual Arts teacher, with an intuitive art making process. Her work draws from both the female form and organic contours; employing exaggerated shapes and a muted colour palette that is influenced by natural, earthy tones. Through her exploration of the medium of clay, Ciane creates ‘bubble-like’ vessels in which she blends wheel thrown forms with hand building techniques, while allowing the natural pull of gravity and mass to create various mounds and imperfections. - Ciane Brewster of Glost 

GlostEffervesce By Glost Studios 

'Concert'  By Hermon Blue 

Reflecting on the moral and spiritual convictions that drive us as we explore what it means to have the role of 'human' on the earth, 'Concert' explores the relationship we have between ourselves, the soil, water and dirt, and how this relationship is synchronous to how the earth can flourish.  - Clare Hermon of Hermon Blue 

hermon blue"Concert'  By Hermon Blue 

‘Funfetti Planet’ by Ella Reweti

The materials I use as a ceramicist are by their nature ‘from the earth,' so for this brief I wanted people to think about all the other stuff that is buried beneath us; the bright, synthetic subterranean. It made me think of the earth as a big Funfetti Cake, fittingly absurd. - Ella Reweti

funfetti planet‘Funfetti Planet’ by Ella Reweti

 'Phanerozoic' by Wundaire 

Made of the earth, layers formed under intense heat. We are currently in the Phanerozoic geological era the time of abundant animal and plant life 541 million years and counting, long may it continue. - Felicity Donaldson of Wundaire. 


Deborah Sweeney

The love for hand-building was discovered over lockdown, April 2020. It is a continuous journey exploring new clay, new shapes and the endless possibilities. some of the vessels have been made with relationships in mind. no two pieces are the same. - Deborah Sweeney

Deborah 1Peach Handbuilt Sculptural Vessel #20 by Deborah Sweeney 
Hoop Candleholder - Raw Black Clay 

Sand-Dune Handbuilt Sculptural Vessel #22 


Asobimasu Clay 
A study of bottle forms
Asobimasu: A study of bottle forms.
View the Exhibition Here

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