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March 09, 2022 2 min read

Artist Valentin Lebigot in his studio 3D artist Makers' Mrkt

You never knew you needed a primary coloured ruler on your desk until you heard of Valentin Lebigot. Based in Paris and working as a Graphic Designer, Valentin's practice makes the everyday ordinary fascinating thanks to his clever use of 3D printing.

A true creative, Valentin finds joy in the creative process and development of ideas more so than the realisation of the final product. A colour enthusiast, he is passionate about reimagining everyday homewares and desk supplies that are visually pleasing and affordable.

We asked Valentin a few quick-fire questions to help you get to know him better. Valentin is French and English is his second language.

1. What are you most excited about going into 2022?

I look forward to designing even more interesting new projects, making new connections and working on rewarding collaborations.

2. How would you describe where your brand is at the moment, what's next for you?

The goal for me is to affirm my brand identity! To further develop impact and interest in 3D printing and to work with new stores that share my values.

Meet the Maker Valentin Lebigot on Makers' Mrkt, Halo Mirrors
The Valentin Lebigot 3D printed Halo Mirrors

3. What's your favourite thing about the medium you work with?

I love optimising my products during the design phase. The goal for me is to have the cleanest possible object while having the least "post-print" work.

4. What have you found most rewarding since starting your brand?

I love seeing my products born and seeing the positive feedback when the object is presented to the public!

5. How would you describe your personal style?

I design locally, in my workshop, 3D printed products using industrially recyclable plastics ( PLA/rPLA: plastic obtained from corn starch) in a colourful, graphic, affordable, ethical and responsible product. I imagine design as an exploratory game in connection with fair and considered production. 3D printing allows me to be self-sufficient in my design and to have a non-energising (or low energy impact) short-circuit process.

The hands and sketch book of Valentin Lebigot on Makers' Mrkt
The Zig Desk Organisers in purple and blue by Valentin Lebigot on Makers' Mrkt
The Zig Desk Organisers available here

6. What are some of the main challenges you've faced on your journey with your brand?

The main challenge when developing your brand is for me the marketing part. It is difficult to manage the economic aspect for an independent designer.

7. If you could collaborate with one other Makers' Mrkt maker, who would that be and why?

I love the work of Dean Toepfer, Abs Objects, UAU Projector Ella Reweti's ceramic works! It would be a pleasure to consider collaborating with these talented creators present on Makers' Mrkt

A Dean Toepfer Vase Versa Vase
A Dean Toepfer Vase Versa Vase

8. In a world full of replicas and fast homewares how do you find inspiration and stay unique while designing?

I often work instinctively. I find my inspirations in everyday shapes and colours. I focus on making the object fun, aiming to shake up the codes of everyday products and focus on playful enjoyable design.


You can see more of Valentin's work here 

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