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March 12, 2018 5 min read


You've seen Nina's beautiful designs all over Instagram, in fashion publications like Vogue, and probably on that cool girl having brunch next to you. We fell in love with Flash Jewellery's sleek shapes, understated rockstar vibes and unique designs - and all we really want to be is that chick sporting her creations. So we roped Nina in to answer a few questions for us: read on to learn how she went from building cars to making jewellery, from New Zealand to Byron Bay via Melbourne and how Flash developed over time. 

Photo by @enrichedvision 

You started crafting metal at a really early age, together with your dad. What were the first pieces you played around with – has it always been jewellery?

Yes, I am a mega tomboy and loved being in the garage with my old man. I can't really remember the first pieces I played around... I was always just in there doing it, helping (aka getting in the way) or stealing dad’s tools to bash something together. Before I was into jewellery we built my car together (It's a 1970 Mk2 GTE Ford Cortina). Dad did most of the work but I try and claim it! haha. He's looking after my car (Tina) while I'm in Au.


Photo by @enrichedvision

Studying silversmithing and then working in the metal design industry, it seems like you always knew what you wanted to do. If you hadn’t gone down this path – what would have been your alternative career field. 

Haha I'm happy it looks this way! When I was younger I had no idea what I wanted to do - I just loved creating things and making jewellery was my hobby which I use to do with my mum - who also makes jewellery.

My other passion is Coffee, I've worked in almost every aspect of the coffee industry from being a roaster to production manager, marketing, and e-commerce. I would say I would still be in this industry if it wasn't for me being over my job as a coffee roaster in Wellington.... I randomly applied to for a metal work job, bluffed my way in with my jewellery skills. Here I use to be on the factory floor assisting which whatever job needed doing - from creating maters to be cast to buffing and polishing, welding pins, drilling things or wiring up objects to be electroplated. If it wasn't for this career change - Flash would never have existed! One day when on the factory floor I had brought along some of my silver rings as there were a few spaces available in a mould, so we casted them, plated them and Flash was born. I gave all the jewels I had made to my friends and when people started asking for them- I started selling them and the rest is history!

  Photo by @enrichedvision

What is your favourite part in the creation of a new collection – the concept, the design, or the crafting? Or is it a back-and-forth trial and error development?

Oh totally the concept and design, it's the most creative part and it's such a thrill to get the correct balance of a design - when it needs to be unique/original, wearable and still to our Flash aesthetic. I like taking risks, so when it pays off - it's the best feeling.


Who do you have in mind when you design new pieces? Are they items you would like to wear or do you have a persona in mind that you design for?

I don't really have anyone in mind when designing as I like to think anyone no matter what age, race, etc can wear Flash - It's for everyone! I think more about how it's going to make the wearer feel - this is a biggy for me! As I want them to feel confident, strong or just a little extra.


 Photo by @enrichedvision 


 You grew up in New Zealand and then moved to Byron Bay via Melbourne. Would you say this geographical change is also reflected in the way that Flash’s style has evolved? 

I would definitely say that your surroundings have an impact on your ideas and aesthetic and Flash's style has evolved hugely over the years. I think this has changed and evolved with my personal style, as I've matured so has Flash. I feel it's more refined. 


You’ve made Flash Jewellery your main gig two years ago, what was your biggest challenge in making that jump? Would you do anything differently in hindsight? 

Yes, I have been full time at Flash prior to moving to Melbourne, when I moved to Melbs I got a full-time job (in the coffee industry surprise, surprise!) I decided to take a few years off as I was really uninspired in jewellery land. I decided to work, do a business degree, reset and have some fun! We moved to Byron a year ago and I it felt right to invest all my energy back into Flash being in a new environment and being able to have a bit of a fresh start.


Photo by @enrichedvision  

Tell us a bit about your studio and your routine – what are the closest 5 objects to you? And what music do you like to listen to when you design new pieces?

My studio is currently at our house in Byron, but I'm itching to get a space/showroom. For now it's great as there is no commute and I can snack all day! Moving to Byron has made me into an early riser, so I'm up early... do some exercise, yoga or a light house walk - then home into emails, orders etc. I try and keep at least one/two hours a day open to do something creative. When working/designing I have a few different playlists - mostly containing my favourites - The Internet, Syd, Goldlink, and Kaytranada.

The things I keep around me are:

  1. Plants -  I'm a big fan of having loads of Plants/foliage around the place especially in the studio. They make the space feel calm.
  2. My Giant Clam shell - properly my most treasured item in the studio.
  3. Rocks - I have a large crystal/ Gemstone Collection, but I also collect rocks too. Whenever we go traveling I bring back a rock if one catches my eye.. the ones on my desk are from a beach we went to in Naples, Italy.
  4. Phone - I hate to put this in the list, but if I didn't I would be lying.
  5. To do lists - I am a MASSIVE list writer.. Like I write lists for the lists, so there is always plenty of these on my desk.
  6. I forgot to add to this list jewellery! I always have my unfinished samples on my desk to, 1. remind me to finish them, 2. just in case inspiration strikes

 Photo by @enrichedvision  

 You’ve made quite an impression to publications all over the world. Where do you see the brand growing and who would you love to see wearing your designs?

I see Flash growing more in Australia, I feel like everyone here is really supportive as there's more room for everybody in the industry, which is amazing. I would love to see just more people wearing our designs and feeling empowered every day! 


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Photo by @enrichedvision  

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