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May 19, 2021 3 min read

lope home

There’s something seriously magical about coloured glass 

Lope Home’s hand-made tumblers and pitchers are particularly enchanting. Their fluid designs capture the light and reflect a unique gradient, their shape appearing to change like the ebb and flow of moving water. 

The jewel-like colours and mercurial qualities of this very special glassware could have us whiling away a whole afternoon hydrating! 

We caught up with the talented Liz from Lope Home to find out more about making magic. 

Hi Liz, Our Series is called 'Meet the Maker,' what do you make? 

I design homewares. I started off Lope with designing bed linen and towels, then moved to rugs and now I design glass. 

lop home

Please tell us about the journey to Lope. Did you study? What drew you into the medium of glass? 

Lope started as a project between a friend from uni and myself. We both studied Textiles Design and were looking for a creative outlet once finishing. I had and still have such a great creative community around me that it then just naturally evolved by collaborating with different friends who work with different mediums. 

Glass is such a fun medium to work with as it takes on a soft, liquid-like aesthetic. I really enjoy the malleability of it and how easily it can transform to fit any home environment. I was also drawn to the idea of creating one-off and unique pieces. 

lope home studio

What does your creative process look like?

My creative process has just been an evolution, every collection is inspired by the one before it. As I don't follow seasons I'm able to have the time and space to experiment with different ideas.

What role does colour play in your work?

Colour is everything. It gives my glassware expression and brings each piece to life which I believe is a key ingredient to a good aesthetic. I believe colour is absolutely essential to my work. 
lope home yellow

Please tell us about your studio/work space. What do you need around you to feel inspired and motivated? 

My workspace is my loungeroom. I find when I am in a relaxing space that I get my best creative work done and am at my most productive. On a typical workday, I just need my dog Evie and some trashy '90s TV and then I'm good to go. 

What does a typical work day at Lope HQ look like? 

I try to get up early and get some work done first thing. I'm definitely the most productive in the morning, so if I can get a few hours of work done when I first wake up I feel like the rest of the day can be a bit more chill. On my breaks I like to take my dog for long walks, and when I'm packing orders I love having the TV on in the background.  
lope home studio

What advice would you give to emerging creatives who want to start their own business? 

I think reaching out and saying yes to as many collaborations as you can, you never know where new inspiration might come from and I've found it often in the most unusual places. Try to create a community around you that inspires and motivates you - motivation is a very tricky one when having a small business and having great friends to fall back on helps on the days you're struggling to find it. 

Do you have any exciting new projects on the horizon? 

I have an exciting collaboration with Makers Mrkt in the works, plus a brand new range of colours and styles of glassware on the way too. 
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