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February 21, 2019 3 min read

Delta slid into our DM's on Instagram, asking if we were interested in stocking her prints and the rest is history. We love Delta's organic forms, colour palette and her ability to somehow suit every interior space. Today we learn more about the creative behind the canvas. 
Artist Delta Venus in front of one of her paintings
We love the earthy tones in your prints. Can you tell us about your Egyptian heritage and how that is reflected in your design aesthetic?
I didn't really know much about my heritage until last year. As an Australian with a mixed background, little of my Egyptian culture was celebrated in my day-to-day life. My first collection of works "Other Worlds" was about learning my culture, exploring my family history and gathering a greater understanding of myself. Most of my work since then has had relatively little to do with my background, however, I am quite drawn to symbology and the ability to simply convey a message in simple, refined visuals. Hieroglyphics seem to do this quite well. 
Still life photograph of a painting, a terracotta vase and some trinkets
Have you always wanted to be an artist? Did you go to art school or are you self taught? Do you have any tips for aspiring artists on how to find their creative identity?
I have always been an artist of sorts, but only in the past 18 months has my work taken visual form. I come from a literary background and have worked as a digital designer over the years. I'm not really phased about what specific form my work takes. I've dabbled in sculpture, pottery, writing, music, painting. The core value remains the same for me. There is a magic inside of me and the only way I can communicate that is through art. 
I'm self-taught. Whilst I respect and understand school is for some, I've always found it limits my creative process. The best way you can find your creative identity is to create. Do it as much as you can. Pay attention to yourself. What choices do you make as an artist? What resonates with you? Why are you creating? Don't try to force this process to happen. It will unravel in its own time.

Sculptures by artist Delta Venus Maker's Mrkt

How do you approach a new design? Where does your process start and do you envision the environment the finished product sits in?

My process is very sporadic. There isn't much structure around it for me. I get a "feeling" and the painting will flow through my fingers. I don't really plan pieces. I just create what I feel and would like to hang in my own home. 
Organic shapes on blue-toned backgrounds by artist Delta Venus on Maker's Mrkt
Delta Venus artworks - #1 | #2 | #3
You’re a multidisciplinary artist – you paint, you sculpt, and you potter. Tell us about your studio, how do you create a creative space that inspires you to work on all these different mediums?
I take up a lot of space! I'm very grateful I have had the opportunity to spread out across a huge studio and do what I do. I've always been a big believer that a cluttered space leaves a cluttered mind, so I try to treat my studio like a sacred one. Before any work starts I clean and tidy, leaving room for ideas to naturally flow. I've been really drawn to creating work in different forms. Seeing a piece of work in the form of a painting and a sculpture has been really interesting for me. There is something so cathartic about using your hands to create. All mediums I create with feed a different part of my soul. 
Delta Venus studio in the sunlight
What would be an absolute dream project for you? Would it be working for a specific client, creating art on an entirely different scale or maybe even a collaboration with other artists? 
My list of dream projects to be growing by the minute. At the moment my obsession is scale. I'm moving into a new studio over the next should allow for some large scale paintings to finally take form. I would love to start painting large-scale murals and am also looking into how my pieces can work as textiles too.
Terracotta vase, bundle of Sage for burning and painting with organic black shapes in the background
We’re so happy you found us on Instagram and approached us asking to be stocked! What are your favourite accounts on Instagram to follow? Can you share a couple we might not have discovered yet?
I try to spend as little time consuming content as I can, and more time making it. When I'm looking for some inspiration I can usually find it from...
@ineslongevial @conievallese @royalgarance @scott_m_anderson @humblematter
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