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November 01, 2020 3 min read

Blazed wax candles interiors

History tells us some of the greatest inventions were born out of the hardest times. The smash hit board-game, Scrabble emerged out of the Great Depression, while our mood-boarding main squeeze, Pinterestarrived in the wake of the GFC, proving that the toughest conditions have delivered some of the best creative ideas.

Dishing up our feel-good aesthetic fantasies in candle form, Blazed Wax was born out of Melbourne's Covid19 lockdowns. Since their launch in April 2020, the irresistibly joyous candles have become a Makers' Mrkt sell out. We caught up with the hand-pouring housemates brightening up our homes.


Our Series is called Meet the Maker. From the top, what do you make?

We are Ruby and Emma and we make candles! Our business is called Blazed Wax and we make hand poured candles in our little studio in Brunswick. 

Please tell us about your journey to Blazed - Did you study? What drew you to the art of candle making?  

Our Blazed Wax journey began in April when the first stages of COVID restrictions hit Melbourne. We are housemates, and are always burning candles at home, so decided to spend our new-found free time creating our own candle designs. We both also have creative backgrounds (Ruby studied fine art and Emma fashion) and run other small businesses from the same studio space as well, so jumped straight into it very organically. 


When was the 'Ah-ha' moment when you realised you needed to collaborate? 

It really was a no brainer for us to work together as this project began as a creative outlet at home. It was a really fun activity learning to make candles together!


blazed wax table for two candles
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The Makers' Mrkt community cannot get enough of your incredible, mood-boosting candles - what inspires your design process? 

Our design process is mainly inspired by colours. We love making fun combos and multicoloured wax sculptures that brighten up a space. 

 Each of your candles is handmade in your Brunswick studio. What does a day in the life of Blazed HQ look like? 

A day in the life at Blazed HQ begins by doing a big pour in the morning. Then we pack and post our orders out, and do admin. We try to do 2 big pours a day, but you can only work as fast as the wax dries really. 

What are some things you need to have around you to feel inspired and happy at work? 

We are so lucky our studio is actually amazing! We share it with the most wonderful women so we are always laughing and having fun. We are constantly inspiring each other and sharing information and ideas. We always have fun music playing, and cups of tea on tap! We always make sure we have coffee breaks and lunch breaks to talk and laugh which really keep us going through the day.  


blazed wax candle splatter bomb

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It’s been five months since Melbourne first locked down amidst this global pandemic, how have the lockdowns impacted the way you work?  

Weirdly we have the lockdown to thank for Blazed Wax. So really have been so lucky to get a positive thing out of this terrible time. Lockdown also means we have been working harder than ever because we don't have other distractions, which has been fantastic. We love being busy creating!

What are some of your favourite self care practices and mood boosters?   

Walking our poodles, lots of cooking and trying new recipes, regular zooms with girlfriends, and trying new creative things like embroidery, getting on the pottery wheel, painting etc. 


Blazed Wax table for two candles pillar candles colour candles
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Your pillar candles provide the most joyful finish to a table setting. Can you please describe your perfect meal at home to compliment some Blazed Wax centrepieces? 
We are actually housemates, so we cook most of our meals together! But our favourite dinner party meals include lots of sharing foods. Usually we start with home made focaccia with olives, followed by some fresh artichokes with oil, lemon and salt and then a big mussel pasta for sharing. We love to finish with espresso martinis and a dance party in the living room. 
What are your goals for 2021?  

Our number 1 goal for 2021 is to have an AMAZING Blazed Wax pop up! Stay tuned!! 

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