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December 08, 2020 5 min read

Beck Wadworth An Organised Life

Beck Wadworth brings a new meaning to #lifegoals. The style, stationery and story-telling expert is the founder of the brand and blog,An Organised Life.
Born out of the desire to bring structure & organisation into busy lives, the brand creates the tools and content to live your best life.Centred around an ethos of function & style, An Organised life delivers the diaries, journals and notebooks so chic you'll want to show them off. 

We caught up with Beck about her inspiration, collaborations and the juiciest tips to live An Organised Life.  

First things first - what do you make? 

I make stationery  

Your beautiful products empower people to bring structure & organisation into busy lives. What does organisation mean to you? And have you always been organised?  

I have always been an extremely organised person. For me, being organised just makes life that little bit easier & stress free. I love prep & planning.    

An organised life planner organiser diary 2021An Organised Life Weekly Diary available Here

When was that ‘Ah-ha’ moment, when you realised there was a business opportunity in helping people get organised? 

I always relied on a diary year after year to write down my important dates, lists & goals. When I moved to Sydney I wanted a diary - however I couldn’t find one that was functional yet had an element of style to compliment my monochrome & minimalistic aesthetic. I realised there was a gap in the market for a diary that housed everything including my goals, lists, workload etc and this was when An Organised Life was born. From there I designed my first diary, found a printer & bookbinder, produced just 300 diaries & started on my marketing & PR Plan! They sold out in 3 weeks & there was no turning back after that! I carried on pursuing my career in the fashion industry while working on AOL as a hobby & then side hustle before my passion took over & I decided to go full time. Fast forward to 2020 & I have a small team based in Sydney at our HQ & others who work remotely - including myself in NZ. 

Your resources range from diaries to notebooks to incredible downloadable planning tools, what is personally your MVP An Organised Life piece? 

I can't live without my An Organised Life Diary.  

Alongside AOL’s suite of products, you publish a pretty epic blog, featuring organisation tips, wisdom and interviews with inspiring women from all over the world. What role does storytelling play in your business? 

My goal for An Organised Life has always been to organise busy lives & to inspire. I love being able to do this through products & content. Our blog is an extension of our brand. A destination where our community can go to be educated & inspired. To help them fix a problem, to motivate & more. We also love bringing attention to extremely talented individuals from all over the world & in a. variety of industries who love organisation & putting pen to paper as much as we do. 

 It’s been nine months since Sydney first locked down amidst this global pandemic. How have the restrictions impacted the way you work? 

The biggest impact for myself & my team has been that I haven't been able to travel to see the team in Sydney. Prior to Covid-19 I spent 3 weeks in Auckland, 1 week in Sydney on rotation. We had to adapt quickly & we have come out the other side stronger. 

We really focused on communication, organisation (of course!), and having great systems & processes in place. All I can say is thank goodness for zoom! But 6 months down the track, I'm so incredibly proud of my team - their positivity, strength & attitude. 

an organised life diary daily planner 2021 An Organised Life Daily Diary available Here

 What are some things you need to have around you to feel inspired and productive? 

A very clean & organised workspace! 

A daily to-do list 

An inspiring playlist & my favourite candle scent 

Natural light! 

 What are some of your favourite self care practices and mood boosters?   

Every evening I go for a sunset walk to clear my head & transition from work life into personal life. Self care wise, I have really focused on health & wellbeing this year & reformer pilates has been my go-to. Over the last few months, I also started journaling - focusing on all the positives in my life.  

    Beck Wadworth An Organised Life Diary Journal Notebook

       You are clearly an expert level organiser! But if someone (asking for a friend) struggles to organise themselves out of bed every day but has a million dot points on their to-do list, whirring around their head in different sizes and fonts, where would you suggest she start on getting things organised? 

       The main way I prefer to organise my life daily is with a good old to-do list in my diary! I always write it the night before for the following day - reviewing my schedule and writing a to-do lists of tasks too. In the morning when my brain is fresh & I'm enjoying a morning coffee, I take the time to prioritise the list and break it down into a schedule for the day. It’s important to know the difference between what you NEED to get done and what you WANT to get done. It’s all about prioritising and working through the most important tasks  (MIT’s) first each day. See below:
      • Highlight the things you want to achieve in the morning (these should be the top 3 priorities for your day roughly) 

      • Highlight the priorities for the afternoon next.  ( I utilise symbols to do this but highlighting with colours is another great option.)  

        Note: Anything left over on your to-do list with out a symbol or colour is flexible to be moved if other urgent meeting or tasks pop up unexpectedly.  Otherwise you can move onto these when you have time during the day 

        • Allocate a time to each task - be realistic and give yourself a generous buffer where possible for unexpected interruptions.

        • Work through each task or meeting one by one. Set alarms when needed and be as focused as possible

        Note: When my day revolves around a lot of meetings, I make sure I allocate time before (when needed) for prep and also after (when needed) to write notes, debrief emails, etc. When its allocated as a task to tick off I find it easier! 

        Elissa Barber x AOL 2021 Daily Planner White diary

        Elissa Barber x AOL 2021 Daily Planner available Here

        Tell us about the new pieces we have coming in at Maker’s Mrkt? 

         We're excited to launch our new 2021 collection & limited edition artist collab with Elissa Barber on Maker's Mrkt. 

         Artist Elissa Barber explores the possibilities of the single, continuous gestural line & its ability to articulate the physical form, evoke emotion & express depth with limited information. I was inspired by Elissa's work from a far for some time now, so together we designed a limited edition collection based on form meets function. With a mutual love for timeless simplicity and minimalism the collection inspires & motivates while also giving you all the tools to tick off your goals, manage your workload, note-take, dream, journal & more. 

        an organised life Elissa Barber x AOL 2021 Weekly Diary Gold planner

        Elissa Barber x AOL 2021 Weekly Diary Gold available Here

        It seems unfathomable that we are in December of 2020, but what are your goals for 2021? 

        My professional goal for 2021 is to continue to push & grow the An Organised Life brand through inspiring & functional products & content. We also have a lot of exciting things in the pipeline that I can't share just yet but watch this space. 

        Personally, I want to continue to focus on health & wellbeing, to slow down, to focus on the positives & enjoy those moments of still. 

        Beck Wadworth An Organised Life Diary Planner
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