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March 18, 2021 2 min read

Is it just us or is Easter weekend kinda the best holiday of the year? 
There’s way less stress and organisation involved than for Christmas. It’s spread across 4 days instead of leading up to the one big crescendo/food coma. Easter also feels a bit like the unofficial beginning of cosy season - which we love! Oh and did we mention our obsession with Easter egg pastels?! If you clicked this post you probably get the drift. 

Another thing we love about Easter is there’s not as much pressure to rush and do and see! Whether you’re cooking up with the family, catching up on some much needed rest from the start of the year, or just using the weekend to eat hot cross buns in your slippers, Easter feels like the perfect, easy-breezy weekend to just-do you! 

In case you're choosing family time, pamper time or Netflix and egg time, Easter is the moment for treating your loved ones or yourself! 
This year we are trying to be more mindful about our consumption and waste (hey and I guess our dentists!) by spending less on palm oil and plastics and more on gifts that will last longer then the long weekend!  

Shop our Edit of Easter Gifts They'll Love:

We love the uplifting combination of soothing pastels and joyful brights.
Lucky so do some of our favourite makers! Clockwise from top right: Arowm Jumbo Knot $125 AUD, Dean Toepher Vase Versa $180 AUD, Evie Mine Large Daisy Candle $60 AUD, Ella Reweti Small planter $120 AUD, Gidon Bing Flask Vase $145 AUD, Blazed Wax Dante Candle $50 AUD, Gidon Bing Citrus Juicer $51 AUD

Delight some of the other senses this Easter with our delicious range of handmade soaps, incense and oils. We love the transportive quality of scent and are strong believers in an every day pampering! Clockwise from top right:So.Ah hand made soap $20 AUD, Subtle Bodies Korean Red Cedar Incense $35 AUD, Deborah Sweeney Soap Dish $55 AUD, Wundaire Ceramics Incense Holder $40 AUD, Fazeek Oils and Burner $33-$79 AUD, Fazeek Rosemary & Terrazzo Soap $16, Fazeek Clove and Sandalwood Soap, $16 AUD.

Add a fun dimension to the Easter egg hunt with puzzles, softies and every day helpers in mood boosting colours! Clockwise from top right
Valentin Lebigot Ulo Desk Organiser $85 AUD, Valentin Lebigot Zig Organiser $45 AUD, Slowdown Studios Snake Eyes Mini Blanket $200 AUD, Beck Orpin Don't Lose Heart Jigsaw $30 AUD, Slowdown Studio Yoro Park Jigsaw $55 AUD, Baggu Happy Bag $20 AUD, David Shrigley Rights for Soft Toys $36.50 AUD


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