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January 15, 2019 2 min read

There is nothing like the flip of a calendar page to start the new year and bring immediate refreshment and a burst of motivation. We are not sure why this new year euphoria occurs, but we do our best to hold on to it for as long as possible, writing in our best handwriting in new diaries, doing our best to stay active and setting goals for the year.

Bianca Cash Datekeeper diary on Maker's Mrkt Makers Market Melbourne
Bianca Cash Datekeeper Diary 

While setting the general goals such as "taking up running" or "cooking more at home, " (you know the ones) why not think about goals that will actually make you happy...not chore goals! You're probably more likely to stick to goals you actually want to do instead of feel you SHOULD do. Make 2019 the year you really consider what you crave, what you love, and what will genuinely make you happy

This year we are making goals based around surrounding ourselves with things we love, making conscious purchasing decisions and starting an art collection. This may sound a little airy-fairy to some hardcore goal setters, but what's this life for ( Creed?) if we can't have something lovely in our every day? We know that when our home or office looks good and feels comfortable that we are happier, motivated and more positive, so making that space for yourself should be a top priority and base point for a happy 2019 (and beyond!).

An Organised life Dreamer unlined notebook in blak on Maker's Mrkt Makers Market Melbourne
An Organised Life Dreamer Notebook

Like many, we started the year with a gentle cull of junk (or in our case a clean of up of our abandoned 2018 studio). Marie Kondo made us think about cleaning, and for the first time in our lives, it honestly sounded appealing.

We wrote a dream list of what will make our space and lives more happy with the help of Maker's Mrkt makers.

Ours includes:

- Eliminating plastic waste with Baggu reusable bags
- Respecting and caring for our bodies and the environment with Jonny vegan condoms that also come with a biodegradable 35% organic disposal bag.
- Choosing calming artworks that we can sit back and gaze at (and be reminded of holidays) - we love Chris Sisarich for his White Desert, Zico O'Neill Great Mercury Island and any of Adam Custins' stunning earthy polaroids.
- Adding more soft and comfortable textiles ala Slowdown Studio and Sonny

Great Mercury Island by Zico O'Neill Great Mercury Island - Zico O'Neill

Sonny Big Button up linen Cushion on Maker's Mrkt Makers Market Melbourne
Cushions by Sonny

Of course, our list goes on, but these are the things we are going to start, it's essential that lists are achievable!

To help us achieve our purchasing goals and budgets we are making the most of Afterpay to spread our payments over four weeks, and for larger artworks, we use Art Money to help us fund our collection. Art Money offers interest-free loans to help build a collection and can be applied for by merely hitting the Art Money icon at checkout on Maker's Mrkt.

We will go into building an art collection more in future blog posts, but for now, sit back, look around and ask yourself "what will help my space become a space that makes me happy?". Once you've made your list take a look at Mrkt, choose your first item and take the leap towards a more satisfying, comforting 2019.

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