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October 08, 2021 2 min read

Picnic set up on Makers' Mrkt makers market Melbourne

With a fair chunk of the country in the process re-emerging from the confines of Netflix, cookie dough, and wine delivery over the next few weeks – the approaching picnic season holds even more significance than usual.
As an eagerly-awaited chance to legally connect with our loved ones, share platters of cheeses and fruit and catch up on a few months’ worths of reality TV – we simply cannot wait to stretch out our legs in the sunshine in packed parks with cute dogs on tap.

In the spirit of the season, we’ve collected a few alfresco essentials to ensure your re-entry into the local social scene is as comfortable and stylish as you deserve. 

HAY Sowden bottle in yellow on Makers' Mrkt makers Market Melbourne
After spending the last 1000+ (sic) days indoors, the possibility of your body reacting strangely to a deep dish of sunlight is high. Stay quenched by ensuring the trusty chicSowden Bottle is tucked into your picnic basket (and don’t forget to feel like a million bucks for eliminating single-use plastic, too.)

Bloomware set of Olive green bamboo plates on Makers' Mrkt makers market Melbourne


Featuring a party of picnic essentials including acup, a cutlery set (fork and spoon) a plate, and a bowl, the Bloomware set is the perfect accompaniment for an afternoon of lounging, snacking, and sipping in style; no risk of cracked china required. Expertly designed with your young ones—and your very young at heart—in mind.

ILY grass stains said no one ever. Protect your expensive silky lockdown purchases (yes, we shopped onThe RealReal a lot) from the rath of damp lawn by ensuring your booty has something soft and protective to perch on. Also acts as a nice surface to take a little nap on if you start to feel overwhelmed by all the stimuli – which you might!

Planning on making a day of it and need a large bag to cart your nosh? Look no further than the generously sized Baggu – appropriately eye-catching enough for your friends to be able to spot you in a crowded park. “Just look for an orange bag” you say. “Spotted!” they say. Wonderful, we all feel.

After months of isolation, we don’t blame you if the idea of gathering with a bunch of friends feels daunting at best. Like... There is so much to say but how to say it? Our advice: play an icebreaker game to get everyone feeling comfy before you start ripping into politics. A cute jigsaw, the weekend quiz, or a game of Finska could be just what the doctor ordered.
And our best advice of all: wear sunscreen. Happy picnic season, friends!

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Written by Lauren Alice McCurry ofBallet Season, ​​a Melbourne-based creative studio building brand essentials for good people.

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