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June 11, 2021 3 min read

Iinterview with Lisa Burden Interior Stylist on Makers' Mrkt, makers Market MelbourneLisa Burden

At Makers' Mrkt we have the privilege of working with amazing stylists and creatives, providing items for shoots and for decorating their clients homes and spaces. Stylists inspire us just as much as our products inspire them, so we thought you might like to get to know them better. Introducing The Interior Insider, our newest journal series.

Today we talk to Lisa Burden, stylist at Homes Group for ARE Media who regularly uses Makers' Mrkt pieces for Real Living Magazine.
Umm Hello, Dream job Alert! Please tell us about becoming a stylist?! 

Haha it has been a fun job that’s for sure! I didn’t even think it was a job to begin with. I started out as a Visual Merchandiser and found my way to assisting

What does a day in the life of Lisa Burden look like? 

Every day starts with a scroll through insta and emails, followed of course by coffee (obvs!), if I’m out on a sourcing day it’s a full day of window shopping for the newest products in stores and touching base with our lovely suppliers and of course hunting new stores and makers to be a part of the mags. If it’s an office day it’s emails and moodboards and chatting upcoming shoots and pages with Creative Directors.

Lisa Burden interior stylist for Real Living Magazine Australia
What are some of your favourite interior trends at the moment? 

I’m loving antiques and vintage pieces being mixed back into beautiful contemporary settings…it adds so much character to a space and I’m so happy people are embracing the ‘old’ again. Also loving the randomness of art placement (my fave is a teeny tiny artwork on a large wall off centre above a bedside or console)
Where do you find your inspiration? 

INSTA!!! It’s literally where I spend most of my screen time.
Lisa Burden Stylist Real Living Magazine
What is the first thing you consider when styling a space? 

It really depends but if I’m styling someone’s home it’s always about their style…how can I stay true to who they are and simply amplify their own unique vision for their home? If it’s a space I am building from scratch I start with what feeling I want to get from it and what I want the reader to feel when they see it. It’s all about emotion.

Moving into winter, what are your must haves for cosy season? 

I’m definitely introducing an abundance of cushions onto the couch (much to my fiance's dismay hehe) for maximum comfort. As well as a lovely throw to cuddle up at night….and loooooving the bush walk Candle from Black Blaze. It makes my space feel like a cosy little haven in the middle of nowhere…coupled with the burning wood wick if you close your eyes it’s like sitting around a crackling fire. PERF!!

Lisa Burden INterior Stylist for Real Living Magazine
Fun Question - describe to us your dream space (you can do this with closed eyes if you like haha.) 

Oooooo this is really hard!!! Honestly I am surrounded by so much beauty it’s really hard to nail down what my ideal space would look like. But ideally it would be something neutral with plenty of natural light and lots of texture with some curated art pieces and a couple of vintage furniture pieces to finish it off.
Lisa Burden Interior Stylist , bedroom Real Living Magazine
What are your favourite picks from Maker’s Mrkt atm?
OBSESSED with allll of these!!
1. Makers' Made candle in Ghosting
Makers Made soy candle in white - colour ghosting, Makers' Mrkt makers market Melbourne
2. Capitalism is Disappearing Candelabra no.413 in Pistachio 

Capitalism is Disappearing Candelabra in Pistachio checkers

3. Natascha Madeiski duo candles in pink & beige 
Natascha Madeiski duo candles in beige and pink on Makers' Mrkt makers market
4. Alison Frith ceramic plinth in raw stone
Alison Frith ceramic stoneware plinth in raw stone on Makers' Mrkt makers market Melbourne
Lisa Burden Interior Stylist , bedroom Real Living Magazine

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