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September 30, 2021 2 min read

Deborah Sweeney ceramics on Makers' Mrkt makers market Melbourne
Over the past little while, pottery and ceramics has reemerged into our bedrooms, living spaces and WFH desks with a fresh, grounding significance.
Gorgeously tactile and imperfectly personal, the general consensus of the fellow house-proud among us agree that ceramic pieces possess an ability to enrich our intimate spaces with a vibration significantly distinct from all other decorative artefacts and tchotchke. 

This may be because we know that someone sat and toiled over the piece by hand for hours, risked its life in the fiery depths of a kiln, lovingly (and carefully) wrapped it up and somehow managed to ensure it arrived at our door in one beautiful, unique form. Perhaps it is out of reverence for one of civilisations mostprimordial art forms (the oldest known ceramic artifact is dated asearly as 28,000 BCE, during the late Paleolithic period.)

Whatever the reason, we think we can all agree that when an object is made by hand – by you or by a maker – it’s instantly elevated to keepsake status; you won't want to throw it away like you would a set of chipped bowls ivory from a big box store. You will care for it and cherish it. It’s a symbiotic connection that feels infinitely special.
If you’re also feeling the love for all things EARTH, here are a few mindfully made ceramic pieces in grounding, terrain hued tones.

Deborah Sweeney ceramic soap dish in toi toi white on Makers' Mrkt


This chic bathroom accessory gets bonus points from us for eliminating plastic soap bottles in favour of a waste-free bar. 

GLost Studios green ceramic Sunken Vase on Makers' Mrkt makers market Melbourne
A voluminous vessel inspired by the beauty of the female form coupled with sashaying green tone and flecks of gold. Magnificent!

Ceramic Kyukosen Vase in Velvet by Asobimasu Clay on Makers' Mrkt makers market Melbourne

With conspicuous curves and the signature Asobimasu secondary mouth, this earthy vase offers boundless flora styling opportunities. We’re thinking of a frenzy of scarlet bottlebrushes to place at our desk – how about you?

Clae Studio ceramic candle holder on Makers' Mrkt makers market Melbourne
If you too enjoy the drug of choice that is lighting all your expensive candles at once in order to feel something, this earthy style will make the process feel a tiny bit less hysterical and a lot more grounded.

Want more? Clickhere to shop our full range of mindfully-made ceramics.

Written by Lauren Alice McCurry ofBallet Season, ​​a Melbourne-based creative studio building brand essentials for good people.

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