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December 04, 2018 3 min read

Maker's Mrkt 5 Christmas Gift Ideas under $50 – Makers Market

The silly season is just around the corner, let the festivities commence! Calendars are filling up with office parties, Secret Santas and Kris Kringle celebrations, did you know you can still get beautiful things without breaking bank? Below we’ve rounded up our 5 favourite picks for Christmas gifts under $50 that make for happy faces and grateful hearts.

1. Subtle Bodies incense $35
For that person that loves to unwind after a long day at work and can often be found in the woods during the weekends. Or a subtle hint to the drama queen – these soothing incense sets are the equivalent of a chill pill and leave the house smelling forest-y and fresh. Made with only two ingredients, wood and a binding agent, they’re a great Christmas present for someone that likes to take it easy and be kind to the environment while at it.

2. Delta Venus print $55 (well…)
Art is an underestimated present! We’ve never heard from anyone that doesn’t appreciate colour and natural shapes, so these Delta Venus prints are sure to be a crowdpleaser. The perfect present for someone who has just moved, purchased  their first house or wanders the local galleries during the weekends. While this is technically sliiiightly over budget, we currently have a 10% discount off orders over $40 and that makes these prints ring in at only $49.50. Just add code ‘On to it’ when checking out.

3. Baggu reusable bags $19.95
For those constantly having to defeatedly and ashamedly pay 20c for the plastic bag at the supermarket, this one is for them. No more single-use bags with these Baggu bad boys! They’re made of 100% nylon and while they fold down to tiny squares, they do still carry up to 3 times the volume of a plastic bag. We have a variety of colours in stock to match each personality!

4. Bianca Cash diary $45
Organised, but make it fun’ – that’s what these diaries are all about. Melbourne-based Maker Bianca Cash designs date planners with all the love and all the humour, making weekly planning just that tad bit more entertaining. The Datekeepers come in four different colours and are perfect for that super busy friend or colleague prone to forgetting the next catch-up coffee date.

5. Kerryn Levy Landscape Mug $45
Everybody needs an office mug, it’s totally a thing! So why not gift a handmade one from Adelaide-based Maker Kerryn Levy. In her own words 'I think it’s really special to give someone a hand-made ceramic object because it is completely unique and each time it is used or looked at, the user is reminded of its maker and of the person who gifted it to them – who picked it up, touched it, and thought it felt just right in their hands.'

BONUS! Gift vouchers
For when you cannot commit to one present or are dealing with an especially difficult gift receiver, we also offer gift vouchers to match your budget. What’s better than choosing your own present and supporting a small Maker with your purchase.


We hope you enjoy our selection of Christmas gifts under $50 – for more ideas and inspiration have a browse on our site, there are many more Makers that create beautiful products. Also: good to know, we have a wish list service that you can easily send via email for when your aunt really wants to gift you a present but your sock drawer is already overflowing…



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