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November 11, 2021 2 min read

Makers' Mrkt Christmas gift wrapping gift boxes, presents , makers market Melbourne

It’s happened to us, it’s happened to you: the feeling of utter dread at being gifted by a loved one and having nothing prepared to give in return. 

Luckily, we’re here to help you with some heavy lifting and have rounded up four excellent emergency gift options; all mindfully made by lovely local makers and costing less than a bottle of fancy vino they won’t remember drinking.

Even better, simply add a note in your order at checkout that your purchase is a gift and we’ll make sure it arrives on your doorstep wrapped real nice. No more last-minute sticky tape wrestling for you!

So, without further ado, read on for four MM products to keep stashed up your chimney this silly season.

Capitalism is Disappearing checkered ceramic egg cups on Makers' Mrkt, makers market Melbourne

Boiled egg breakfasts are so Portland-chic and this checkerboard vessel makes the perfect accompaniment. Also works nicely as a shot mug for eggnog, or somewhere fancy for your loved one to stash all their special jewels or hayfever medication.

Currently online in lilac and blue 


Subtle Bodies Korean Incense on Makers' Mrkt , makers market Melbourne

Subtle Bodies Korean Red Cedar Incense

Everyone needs to take a chill pill during the holidays, and these delicious incense sticks can offer even your most wired associate a moment of calm. Featuringa woody, resinous scent; each stick offers a one-way ticket to leisure-ville sans nasty toxic chemicals with no added perfume or fragrance.

Blazed Wax Tequilla Sunrise candle on Makers' Mrkt , makers market MelbourneBlazed Wax Dante Candle In Tequila Sunrise

Alexa, play Tom Jones. Things are about to get sultry. Lovingly handmade in Melbourne by the sweetest Ruby and Emma, this heavenly-hued Blazed Wax candle is the perfect stocking stuffer for a loved one who likes curling up in the bath with a cool glass of spiked iced tea. 

Abs Objects L70 Mug is pink on Makers' Mrkt makers market MelbourneAbs Objects L70 Mug In Pink

We’re yet to meet a single soul who doesn’t see the potential in acquiring a new mug… and we wholeheartedly believe all your loved ones will feel the same! Besides, a mug isn’t simply a mug, it’s a fancy pencil holder, a hot barista conversation starter, a gravy boat… you name it. We swaddle it nice and safe in bubble wrap – promise. Happy gifting!

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Written by Lauren Alice McCurry ofBallet Season; a Melbourne-based creative studio building brand essentials for good people.

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